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Bob Arno - Comedic Legal Pickpocket, Security and Scam Expert
Bob Arno - Comedic Legal Pickpocket, Security and Scam Expert

Bob Arno - International street-crime authority and identity theft consultant

   Bob Arno artfully blends the comedy and tragedy of thievery in his outrageous presentation, Secrets of the Steal Business. He sets up confrontations that push buttons, poke fun, and provoke the gut reactions usually held tightly in check. He touches on themes that haunt and intrigue the curious mind: treachery, risk-taking, dishonesty, and dangerous pursuits.

   Time magazine called him “the world’s foremost expert on the techniques of pickpockets.” Fortune called him “a global expert” in its November 06 “Excellence Issue.” Bob is a leading international provider of theft risk management solutions for the business and leisure sectors. 

Recommended Performances:

1) Grift Sense: How Con Artists and Hustlers Find the Richest Target
   Gain covert advantage over your competition. Bob Arno reveals secrets previously only taught to law enforcement agencies.

   This presentation is full of videos and defines “pattern recognition” and “body language profiling.” It is FUN, and a tad provocative. Mixing this presentation with Bob’s regular show should be a perfect match for your challenge of: “selling in tough economy.”

2) The Art of the Steal

    “Hey!” shouts a surprised and bemused man in the audience. “Where's my watch?”

   Bob Arno doesn’t look back. In a swift dash through the audience with a warm handshake here, a Machiavellian greeting there, he darts deftly toward the stage. In 30 seconds he’s grabbed the valuables of many and the rapt attention of all.

   Zero to hilarity in 60 seconds. Have you got a minute? Because that’s all it takes for Bob Arno to shift an audience through a full range of emotions: confusion, surprise, admiration, intrigue, and awe. From then on, he maintains a steady pace of hilarity. Comedy, satire, and slick scams are cleverly blended into a superbly-executed professional demonstration of pickpocketing, revealing the sly tricks of pickpockets who prowl city streets worldwide.

   Suave and foxy, the gentleman thief doesn’t stop at the usual pinching of wallets, watches, and pocket contents. Nothing a “victim” possesses is safe from Bob Arno’s lightning lifts. Although he makes his brand of thievery respectable, he nevertheless generates a lurking sense of danger, proving again and again that no one is immune to his cunning diversions. His blend of brilliant thievery, pure visual hilarity, and savage wit makes him a first-class sensation at corporate affairs and special events worldwide.

   Exclusive video footage (about 3 minutes) is projected, of actual street crime as it happens. These are not re-enactments, but real pickpocket and other street thieves caught in the act, as only Bob Arno could catch them. As an integral part of the presentation, this film footage informs, amazes, and prepares the audience for Bob’s next segment, a dramatic and comedic take on how it really happens.

Other Topics:

·         Secrets of the Steal Business

·         Gain the competitive advantage/Is Your Competition Picking Your Pocket? 

·         The Illicit Acquisitions Game

·         Data-mining and intellectual property theft

·         Travel safety and identity theft

About Bob Arno:

   What do MasterCard
, Infosys, Bank of America, Ikea, Blue Cross, and AARP have in common? They’ve all had their pockets picked by Bob Arno, con artist of the conference trade. Bob provokes extraordinary audience reaction, and is that rare presenter who galvanizes any given group with human drama, invaluable advice, and comic relief.

   Lean, lanky and a little larcenous, this infotainer is also provocative, intelligent, thrilling, edgy, and very, very entertaining. Highlight is a word liberally applied to him by his corporate clients.

   Tactical observation skills lifted from the street are useful in the boardroom and business lunch. Illustrated with demos, brought to life with video, and peppered with humor and anecdotes, Bob Arno’s upbeat talks teach awareness and the importance of observation as a strategy to gain the competitive advantage in business relationships.

   Bob is a speaker, entertainer, author, and special lecturer to law enforcement agencies. He has been profiled or quoted on NPR, CNN, MSNBC, ABC’s 20/20, The Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, Discovery, Court TV, in The New York Times, USA Today, Fortune, Kiplinger’s, National Geographic Traveler, Law and Order, and others. He has lectured for the Police Departments of Chicago, San Diego, Houston, Las Vegas, Detroit, Honolulu, Anaheim, and many abroad; for the California Tourism Safety & Security Conference, the International Tourism Safety and Security Conference, and many others; for Kroll & Associates, RSA Security Conference and Expo, and more. He taught an accredited course at the Connecticut State Police Training Academy.

   As a comedy pickpocket performer, his career spans thirty years of success on four continents. He delivers some of the longest sustained laughter in corporate show business--guaranteed hysteria. Yes, Bob is “LOL” funny, but he also delivers a gripping reality. His presentations are thought-provoking, timely, and deeply absorbing.

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